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I am a qualified and experienced psychotherapist with a consulting room in south-west London offering Counselling and Psychotherapy on a short-term or long-term open ended basis, depending on individual needs and preferences.

(Face-to-face or Skype)


I see counselling and psychotherapy fundamentally as a form of personal liberation.

I trained as a psychotherapist because I have personally benefitted from the therapeutic process. Subsequently, my experience as a therapist confirmed to me what research and evidence shows: that therapy works on many levels to improve people's lives. link

The purpose of Counselling or Psychotherapy may greatly vary: some clients wish to explore issues of meaning, identity and existence, while others might have a more tangible and specific purpose in mind. Every individual requires a different way of working and of relating to their therapist. The common thread of the therapeutic relationship is, in my view, to enhance self knowledge and an understanding of one's situation through a dialogue with the therapist characterised by mutual trust, acceptance and confidentiality. 

At times we may need to make sense of past or present events that have resulted in feelings of distress, anxiety and a variety of practical difficulties or troubling conflicts.

My aim through therapy is to enable the client to reach a wider perspective, to clarify their values and beliefs and  identify recurring patterns of thinking, feeling and Being that may trap them within frustrating situations.

Although I have a strong interest in existential-phenomenological psychotherapy, I am able to draw from a range of theoretical conceptualisations of psychotherapy.

This is generally referred to as the 'Integrative Approach' that includes the following perspectives:

existential- phenomenological,

psychodynamic, psychoanalytic, DBT, Mindfulness

I am qualified to help with:



Anger management

Anxiety and worry

Bereavement and loss


Cultural issues


Difficulty in regulating emotions

Identity issues

Life changes

Loss of meaning in life

Low self confidence

Low self esteem

Self harm

Stress management